What to Avoid Before Your Wedding

All too often I will show up at a Bride’s home only to have her frantically open the door either A.) holding an ice pack to her face, B.) with a band aid affixed to some notion of her face; or C.) with cucumber slices glued to her eyes.
While this only happens to one in every ten brides I work with, it still happens! And as funny as it may be it’s incredibly stressful for the bride. Not to mention embarrassing!

As women we have this dream of looking ethereal on our wedding day, with flawless skin, perfectly white teeth and a healthy glow. That can all be achieved, and it’s actually easier than you might think.

Here are a few things you should refrain from doing a month (or weeks before your wedding), especially if you’ve never done any of these before:

1. Tanning – It’s cancerous and it causes wrinkles, so just don’t do it. If you want that healthy glow try a self tanner. The Lancôme Flash Bronzer is amazing, probably one of the best I’ve ever tried. It dries nearly instantly, streak free and instead of turning you a ghastly orange it actually gives you a beautiful caramel glow.













2. Waxing – As someone from an East Indian descent, I get how important it is to be all smooth and hair-free “down there” and just about everywhere else. But if you’ve never had your nether-regions waxed before, I suggest you start at least a year before your wedding. This gives your skin and your hair cycle time to adjust.
For the braver souls out there, try Laser Hair Removal. Kitsilano Laser & Spa has a monthly special every month, sometimes a few session is all you need to halt those hair follicles.











3. Facials/Peels – A lot of skincare treatments out there promise results that are either un-realistic or unachievable on a average salary. Chemical peels and laser resurfacing can take at least 6 months to a year before you even begin to see a difference in your appearance. So don’t be fooled by “Instant Results Guaranteed” taglines.

Remember too that when you get your makeup done, there is a lot that your makeup artist can conceal for you. Especially in photos, a good artist will have you looking “camera-ready” which means your skin should look practically airbrushed.

Now we aren’t magicians, we can’t remove pimples, or fill in wrinkles. But there is a great deal we can do with makeup.

Before you opt for doing anything, talk to your makeup artist first to discuss what he/she is able to do for you first. A lot of artists have tricks up their sleeves they’re happy to share.













4. Bad Food – We’ve all heard that saying “you are what you eat”. Sadly it’s true. Your skin responds to what you put in your body. Case in point: water helps clear your complexion.

Foods to avoid:

Heavily salted foods. Salt makes us retain water in our bodies, thus causing your face to look puffy in certain areas.

Carbohydrates. A high-glycemic diet can lead to more break-out prone skin.

Caffeine and Alcohol. You don’t need to cut them out completely. But limit your intake. Instead of 2 cups a day, opt for 1. Instead of a glass of red every night, why not try every other night. Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate our bodies and also show up in the skin , which can start looking dull and lose its elasticity.

What should you eat and drink? Opt for lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, raw nuts, Omega-3’s and plenty of water with lemon.








5. New Hair Color or Cut – As tempting as it can be to go ombre or get some low lights for your wedding, it’s probably  not a good idea if you’ve never done it before. Even if your colorist is the best in the business, you never know how the color may oxidize or how it will look against your skin. As long as their aren’t high levels of bleach involved it can be corrected, but you just never know what could do wrong.


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