Samer Khouzami Ultimate World Tour

I had the pleasure of attending Samer Khouzami’s Ultimate Beauty Tour yesterday at the Pan Pacific and I thought I would share my experience with those of you that missed it, or for anyone planning on attending the next time around.
The Masterclass was hosted by Girlfriendz Studio 7 here in Vancouver, and held at the Pan Pacific Hotel. At first I was a little dubious about going because of the hefty ticket price, but after 3 days of humming and hawing I finally caved and bought my ticket.
The class was very informative, Samer went over 3 looks in full detail. All three looks showcased his different styles and methods of contouring, the first one being a more natural look, the second one a smokey look and lastly an editorial/creative look.
His class was certainly a success and he did hint about coming back here again one day – for those of you that missed this opportunity to see him live or for those of you that want to see him live the next time he comes here, here are some tips:
1. SAVE UP – ticket prices were a little over $600/ea. Just to compare, Tamanna Roashan of Dress Your Face offers a Masterclass as well for a mere $300, and her swag bag comes packed with nearly the same dollar value in products AND she has giveaways throughout the day.
2. Request your seat – I’m really glad I did. For the girls stuck in the back, I feel for you. It was hard to see the stage and the big screens do not do the actual makeup much justice.
3. Think of questions to ask him – after each look Samer held a Q&A session where he answered questions from the audience. Most people asked him questions about issues they had when doing their own makeup, but I think a better use of time would be to ask him things you struggle with as an artist and ask for advice or product recommendations, after all it’s your one and only chance to get advice straight from a pro!
4. Come prepared – if you don’t already know much about Samer, do your homework on him. Find out where he grew up, how he got started as a makeup artist, research the SK brand so that when you do get a chance to speak to him, you can speak to his accomplishments as well.
5. Bring snacks – if you’re like me and you’re always eating, you will need sustenance. Unfortunately I was running late that morning and didn’t have much in the way of breakfast. It was 3 hours and 45 minutes in before we breaked for Lunch. By that time I was so hungry I forgot to chew my food.
6. Bring pencil crayons – face charts, a notepad and a pencil are provided to you for notetaking, but I am a visual person so I prefer to use color on my face charts instead of pencil. Better yet – bring your own face charts.
7. Dress warm – Hotel conference rooms are freezing!

At the end of the class each attendee received a signed Certificate, a delegate bag (I’ll go over what was in that in a bit) and a photo-op with Mr. Khouzami. While the class was amazing and I was so thrilled to finally meet him, the delegate bag was a huge let down. I guess because I follow Tamanna Roashan and I’ve seen her classes, I am comparing this to hers. But there was only 1 full sized artistry item along with some samples, a pair of lashes and a set of lash applicators. To be fair there was also 2 concealers from LA Girl Cosmetics, 2 lip stains and 2 eyeliners. But LA Girl cosmetics are fairly inexpensive as is, so I didn’t really see much value in that.
Overall though, I am glad I got to see him live – once in a lifetime opportunity!

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