Rockstuds Wreak Havoc

Well if you’ve been following me on Instagram, which let’s face it, by now you should be (@makeup_in_session) You’d have seen that I recently bit the bullet, and after two unsuccessful attempts, finally managed to get my grubby little paws on a pair of black and nude Valentino Rockstuds in my size.

This past summer I found myself becoming unnaturally obsessed with the Valentino Rockstuds. I’m generally not into studs or any kind of hardware, but something about these shoes just screamed “CHIC”. And so my obsession began.

I tried on my first pair in nude at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver. I immediately dismissed the 3-strap kitten heel and bee-lined it for the 2-strap 4″ stiletto.
It was love at first sight. They fit like a dream, with a hint of toe cleavage, they elongated my legs and suddenly added a punch of modern class to my ripped jeans and scruffy sweater.

After sneaking a peek at the price tag I quickly threw them off and told myself it would never happen. At a hefty $1,100 (after tax) I just couldn’t justify spending that much on shoes. I left the store feeling deflated and headed on to Purdy’s in hopes of cheering myself up.

Months went by and I just couldn’t shake the image of those beautiful shoes out of my mind. I began searching online to see if I could find a bargain. Unfortunately for me (and apparently most other women) size 37’s are a hot commodity.
I searched high and low, from Rue La La to eBay, I even considered a knock off pair from Ali Express, but after a dreadful experience I came to the realization that if I wanted these shoes I would just have to suck it up and pay full price. Being the bargain hunter that I am, this is something I have a hard time accepting.

Fast forward 3 months later, I came home one day to a shiny postcard in the mail from Holt Renfrew. Immediately the image of those shiny studs and patent leather came to mind. Inside was a VIP Offer for 25% back on any purchase. This was the sign I was waiting for, all I needed to justify my purchase.

Now that I finally have these beauties, I just can’t bring myself to actually wear them on concrete! The thought of scratching up those beautiful beige soles makes my stomach churn. I’m currently only set on wearing them around the house (carpeted areas only) and while watching TV.

“Were they worth it?” you ask…Absolutely. My happiness comes with a hefty price tag.

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