Dessert Table Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Being the dessert junkie that I am, I’ve definitely given this post more thought than I care to admit. The Candy Table is always a great addition to any wedding, but let’s be real. It’s been done too many times. Why not opt for something a bit more original or unique when creating your Dessert Table for your wedding.

Let’s just take a moment to peruse some of the more….exercised ideas out there. There’s the plain & simple candy table (nothing wrong with it, just that if I am going to consume 1,100 calories of sugar I’d like it to be something a bit more substantial than smrties and jelly bellys). Then there’s the sundae bar, again, great idea. But this isn’t a 7-year old’s birthday party we’re getting all dolled up for here. Of course we also have the ever-famous ‘cake table’ with an array of supermarket cakes and cheesecakes. Now again, I’m not dissing it, I eat supermarket cake all the time. I’m just suggesting something a bit more…refined. I mean this is your wedding after all.

Here are a few ideas I came up with:


It’s fun, French and fabulous. What’s not to love about a giant tower of cream puffs?















Macaron Tower

Also fun, fab and French, but perhaps a bit more chic? The pretty pastels of a macaron win me over every time.















Mini Cupcakes

Why go through the trouble of cutting a cake for your guests when cupcakes can save you the time and the mess. Best of all, with mini cupcakes, you get to try a variety of different flavors (also your guests don’t feel as bad when they’ve eaten 6 mini cupcakes as opposed to 6 regular sized ones).

mini cupcakes










Petit Fours
‘petit four’ – French for mini cakes or just a French version of a cupcake. However you chose to look it, they’re cute, and sooo pretty…













Sugar Cookies

Probably the most inexpensive treat you could buy, wedding themed sugar cookies are just the cutest thing. I mean why not even use them as wedding favours?

sugar cookies














Okay I lied, popcorn is the cheapest treat money could buy. Then cookies. But how cool would it be to have a gourmet popcorn bar at your wedding? You could even make up your own flavours like strawberry and white chocolate, or caramel-coconut chocolate drizzle…yumm.














P.S. I love the idea of serving them in champagne flutes. Genius.


Mini Pies

There’s nothing I love more than Grandma’s apple pie. Warm. Hold the ice cream.
Why not try doing an array of different flavoured mini pies?!



















Alas if none of these ideas tickle your fancy you could just stick to a mason jar desert. I mean there’s really nothing you can’t shove into one of those things and tie a ribbon around.

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