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13 Feb 2015

Liquid, Cream or Powder?

From a tinted moisturizer to a BB Cream to mineral powders to compact powders to liquid makeup and now mousse. How is anyone supposed to figure out what formulation and type of makeup they should be using when every week there’s something new added to the mix? Fear not, I’m about to break it down for you. Here are the different types of foundation formulations out there and the pro’s and benefits of each: BB Creams               […]

13 Feb 2015

Foundation 101

One of the  most common questions I get asked from clients and friends is “how I do find the right foundation for my skin type?” Finding the right foundation to suit your skin type can be a very expensive process. You try one, it doesn’t work, you buy another, and so on and so forth. Understanding the ingredients in your makeup is very important, cosmetic companies don’t expect the average consumer to do this, but as a makeup artist we have to. […]

10 Feb 2015

What to Avoid Before Your Wedding

All too often I will show up at a Bride’s home only to have her frantically open the door either A.) holding an ice pack to her face, B.) with a band aid affixed to some notion of her face; or C.) with cucumber slices glued to her eyes. While this only happens to one in every ten brides I work with, it still happens! And as funny as it may be it’s incredibly stressful for the bride. Not to […]

04 Feb 2015

Dessert Table Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Being the dessert junkie that I am, I’ve definitely given this post more thought than I care to admit. The Candy Table is always a great addition to any wedding, but let’s be real. It’s been done too many times. Why not opt for something a bit more original or unique when creating your Dessert Table for your wedding. Let’s just take a moment to peruse some of the more….exercised ideas out there. There’s the plain & simple candy table (nothing […]

04 Feb 2015

10 Great Spots in Vancouver to Shoot Your Wedding and Engagement Photos

Looking for a little inspiration for your engagement photos? Look no further. Here is a list of Vancouver’s top spots to shoot either your Engagement or Wedding Photos. 1. Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver Nestled away near Horseshoe Bay, Whytecliff Park boasts some of the most beautiful views of the Howe Sound. This parks has nearly 50 acres of beach, terrain and park to roam. Which makes finding the perfect spot for your photos a breeze.           […]

02 Feb 2015

Makeup Artist Pro Discounts

One of the greatest perks of successfully completing Beauty School are the many Pro Discounts that you are finally eligible for receiving. To my disappointment, not all were available to Canadian residents. But having a U.S. shipping address helps greatly. So for those of you looking to apply for Pro discounts, I have conveniently compiled a list of companies that DO offer memberships to Canadians (you’re welcome). I also included the U.S. ones for those of you reading this in America and for those […]

23 Jan 2015

Contouring & Highlighting – What’s the hype all about?

Contouring and highlighting has BLOWN up over the past year. Likely thanks to all the mapped out selfies of Kim Kardashian on Instagram. But nonetheless, truth of the matter is that we DO look better when we play with a little light and dimension. Mastering the perfect contouring and highlighting technique is actually very easy, but the problem most women have is that they see said photo below, and think “that’s how I need to contour”. FALSE. Contouring and highlighting is […]

23 Jan 2015

Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick

Finding the perfect shade of red lipstick for some women can be a feat they would rather not know. The best way to easily figure out what shade of red would suit you best is to first understand your skin’s undertone. Take a look at the veins on the inside of your forearm. Are they green or blue? If they’re a blue or a blue-purple, you have “cool” undertones. If they’re more green, that means your a “warm” undertone (the […]

03 Dec 2014

Samer Khouzami Ultimate World Tour

I had the pleasure of attending Samer Khouzami’s Ultimate Beauty Tour yesterday at the Pan Pacific and I thought I would share my experience with those of you that missed it, or for anyone planning on attending the next time around. The Masterclass was hosted by Girlfriendz Studio 7 here in Vancouver, and held at the Pan Pacific Hotel. At first I was a little dubious about going because of the hefty ticket price, but after 3 days of humming […]

24 Nov 2014

Rockstuds Wreak Havoc

Well if you’ve been following me on Instagram, which let’s face it, by now you should be (@makeup_in_session) You’d have seen that I recently bit the bullet, and after two unsuccessful attempts, finally managed to get my grubby little paws on a pair of black and nude Valentino Rockstuds in my size. This past summer I found myself becoming unnaturally obsessed with the Valentino Rockstuds. I’m generally not into studs or any kind of hardware, but something about these shoes […]